Of all the fantastic range of conventional Chinese kites, the Chinese butterfly kite is one particular of the finest identified in the West. Just before mass production of these kites started, no two of them had been precisely the identical. Youngsters turned out basic styles with the assistance of their parents. Skillful Chinese kite makers crafted lovely performs of art that flew quite effectively also. The approaches of picking and forming the bamboo spars and fitting sails of silk or paper had been passed down by way of numerous generations.

As in ancient occasions, Chinese butterfly kites are nonetheless applied to decorate houses and perform areas. It really is completely up to the owner regardless of whether to fly or just show the kite. Lots of of the kites out there from China come with a hand-created winder with red string, and are packaged in a decorative box which compliments the kite.


Most ancient Chinese butterfly kites had been created from very carefully selected bamboo and silk cloth. Nevertheless, light-weight paper or tissue is at times applied as a sail material. Also, the stems of a palm referred to as rattan is at times applied for curved spars, like a lot of the kites from South East Asia. Rattan is strong, as opposed to bamboo which is hollow and demands to be reduce into strips.


Butterfly kites and other Chinese kites had been and continue to be created by artisans from all more than the nation. Nevertheless some regions are especially effectively identified for their Chinese kite creating. An instance is Weifang, at times referred to as the 'City of Kites'.

A lot of patience and care goes into the building of conventional kites. The bamboo will have to be split down to an suitable width for the size of the kite. Curves are place in by heating and bending more than a hot flame. You can envision the talent necessary to get precise shapes from this procedure!

An genuine Chinese butterfly kite has a minimum of 5 sticks, each and every of a diverse length.

The weight and strength of the sail material, regardless of whether tissue or silk, will have to be matched to the size of the kite getting created. The sails are created slightly more than-size, with the excess material folded more than the outline of the kite frame and glued down.

Lastly, like any functioning kite, the bridle will have to be attached and adjusted. If completed correct, the kite will fly effectively in a fair variety of wind speeds.


With silk kites, the sail is typically painted immediately after the kite is constructed. The kite frame conveniently holds the silk taut even though the brush strokes are applied. Nevertheless, mass created silk kite sails are screen printed ahead of getting reduce out and attached to the kites.

Paper lends itself to obtaining the art perform completed very first, ahead of it is attached to the kite frame. This involves applique, exactly where colored reduce-outs are glued to the sail to kind a design and style.

Summarizing the approaches, a kite can be hand-painted, screen printed, appliqued, or even a mixture of these.

The most striking Chinese butterfly kites are these which try to copy the appear of a actual butterfly, in all its wealthy colorful detail. Other individuals are hand painted with conventional art scenes. For instance, kids holding fish or flying birds such as cranes.


In 2007, conventional butterfly kites are actively getting sold on the web, and shipped out of China. These kites place on show centuries of kite creating talent in building and decoration. Imitations of tremendously varying high-quality and artistic worth are also getting designed by kiting enthusiasts everywhere, young and old.

Modern day versions, additional and additional, are getting manufactured to cater for the powerful demand for eye-catching functioning kites. The conventional procedures do not let mass production, so frames use thermoplastic or fiberglass rod rather of bamboo. Sails can be a variety of contemporary fabrics or film, for instance nylon or Mylar. Despite the fact that the variety of styles is nonetheless wide, none of these kites are 'one of a kind' of course.