As we get spring right here in Germany and the temperature goes up, our Amusement Parks and Theme Parks opened their doors. (Some are open for a handful of weeks in the winter season as properly, but most not) A&T Parks in German definition suggests, take an whole day and have a lot of entertaining 🙂

From the idyllic wildlife park with domestic animals up to the safari-tour via a lion preserve, and from the contemplative stop by in the fairy tale nation up to the terrific ride with the Mega Roller Coaster. They offer you entertaining and upkeep for the entire household.

Spend a single entrance charge and appreciate what ever you like. Okay, you nevertheless have to spend for some events, but most attractions are absolutely free just after you paid the entrance charge, which varies from 10 to 30 EUR.

In this three-component report I will let you know about our 7 largest Theme Parks in Germany. In addition, I will reveal five simple methods on how to save approx. 50% of your precious “amusement-park-time,” so that you can stop by a lot much more attractions.


It is the largest a single in Germany and situated in Rust (among Freiburg and Offenburg), in South Germany. It has extravagantly arranged European ranges of subjects. This facility in the Black Forest has varied driving attractions, colour-magnificent shows and the “six land worlds”. It is a well-known trip purpose for guests from the entire globe. The Amusement Park lies in the 550 years old facility of the Balthasar castle and is viewed as now as a single of the most lovely Theme Parks globe-wide. The park received also distinctive honors.


This a single is situated in Bruehl by Cologne, in the middle-west of Germany. Heck, I was much more than 15 occasions in this park. It was constructed in 1967 as a fairytale park. Because then, a single year hardly passes, in which the park does not offer you new attractions. In 1972 the variety of subjects old Berlin have been inaugurated, which modelled on the flair of the capital in the 20's and 30's. Also the very first landmark of the Phantasialand was created, the Brandenburg Gate, on a scale of 1:two. The facility can be characterized as a big leisure park with a lot of extravagant arranged ranges of subjects, show attractions and speedy driving delivers. One particular of their roller coasters was even opened by Michael Jackson! (Yes, definitely!) The most effective possibility to get an overview of the park is a trip with the “Phantasialand Jet”. It is a Jet which drives in a height of approx. 10m (33ft) above the ground, and its way leads almost across the whole location. I strongly advise driving this Jet *just before* you even go onto any other attraction!

Heide Park

This a single is just astounding! It is situated in Soltau in the “Lueneburger Heide”, among Hamburg and Hannover, in North Germany. It is the biggest Amusement Park of North Germany (850,000 square meters!). It has much more than 50 attractions. The park is scenically, and its maintained facilities are brilliant. In a wildlife park you can observe in a nature-left and sort-fair atmosphere more than 200 native animals. These animals are described as the “true stars of the show”. By the way, the Heide Park has the largest wood roller coaster of the globe!

So, that is it for now! Appear forward to the second component of my three-component report. In it I will let you know about the four remaining Theme Parks, and about how you can save approx. 50% of your precious time in such parks.